Taper Crazies + This is the Real Goal.

I met up with the group (about ten more people were there too) yesterday for their last big workout.  They are officially now in taper mode for their marathon and a few of them talked about the taper crazies… the taper is NUTS!  It all of a sudden makes me feel like my legs are cement, I swear I always get a cold, random pains pop up, and I get SO moody.   Just the craziest things we experience as runners.

I was feeling off again (I’m getting the bad runs out of the way before the race;) and I did my downhill repeats slower than I did them last week… BUT I did do one more than I did last week for a total of 5, so I’ll celebrate that.  As Ali says, “Positive splits for positive people!”  5:38, 5:39, 5:45, 5:49 & 5:51

I was pretty happy about my sunglasses (goodr) and shoes matching… It’s the little things.

I shared about this amazing woman on IG but had to share about her here too.  She was training for the marathon next weekend in our area, and she was on fire with her workouts.  She recently got injured and hasn’t been able to run since.  Instead of staying home and being upset about her injury (I had my money on her taking the master’s record for the course because she is so fast), she came to the last big workout.  She had drinks for everyone and gummy bears.  She was at the end of each mile repeat cheering so loud for all of us with the biggest smile on her face.

Getting faster and stronger is cool and all, but being a fantastic human like Heidi, is the real goal.